Solutions By Industry
Reduce shrink, protect assets, and see the entire customer journey with video intelligence
Person Search
Without facial recognition, search for people throughout the store rapidly
Zero Cabling
Spend zero dollars on cabling or deployment
Low Bandwidth Optimization
The system is optimized for low bandwidth environments and includes adaptive streaming technology
Scales in Minutes
All of your cameras across locations rolled up in one app
AI processing is done at the edge with the latest and greatest Nvidia GPUs
98% Detection Accuracy
Count humans or vehicles from any camera, any angle with precision
Enterprise Video Security
Update Your Legacy Security System
Search, discover, and distribute footage within minutes.
Rapid Search with Scrubbing
Use industry leading AI to search for people by clothing color
Collaborate and train employees with Case Management
Distribute footage rapidly with operations, security, and safety
Without facial recognition, search for people of interest, pull up video footage, and see which areas they entered
Protect your store front with real-time alerting and the alarm video search technology
Enterprise Video Security
Person Search for Loss Prevention
Without the use of facial recognition, rapidly search for people of interest and re-identify individuals throughout your venue.
Premiere Video AI
Measure customer engagement with powerful AI
Comprehensive store analytics
Benchmark store performance across your entire portfolio
Optimize staffing and space layout 99% occupancy accuracy
Discover highest areas of engagement with dwell-times
Reduce queuing + congestion, creating a better experience
See the entire picture with real-time movement maps
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
How It Works
High performance AI packaged to deploy in minutes
NDAA Compliant Cameras
  • Use any existing digital camera or LiveReach provided
LiveReach AI-NVR
  • Pre-loaded with all the AI software needed for advanced video intelligence
LiveReach AI Dashboard
  • View data via a single easy-to-use application
  • Search through video footage in seconds and distribute video securely within minutes
Layer your Security Footage with Artificial Intelligence
Discover. Quantify. Respond.